Read ‘Lepers’ on Unscooped Bagel

My flash fiction piece Lepers was published online by Unscooped Bagel back in November, and they were also kind enough to include it in the first issue of their journal, called Pork, realeased last February. You can read it here.


Let me tell you, I was a downtrodden motherfucker. You know those guys you see in the road begging for change and scraps of meat? That was me. Well, not quite, but you get the drift. Mortgaged to the hilt, on several houses too. No rent coming in from any of those ungrateful, chancing bastards. You just know that there’s twelve of them crammed into the main room, and I’m not getting a single rooble from one of them.

They complain there’s no water, no blankets to sleep on, but what am I to do about that? I should be the one complaining! It’s me that has the problems. Wife one is wanting a holiday and wife two is wanting all the creature comforts under the sun for the new little one. He still can’t even walk, God damn him!

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