Read ‘Post Punk’ on GFT Press

My short story Post Punk was published by GFT Press back in January. GFT are a great nonprofit lit journal based in the US, where any money made is sent to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the American Foundation for Suicide prevention. You can read ‘Post Punk’ here.

 Post Punk

When Jess died, she left me three things: a Joy Division record, a Japanese Pokémon card, and a detailed suicide note.

The record was her way of joking. I could never get into Joy Division no matter how often Jess would play me their drudging, churning, repetitive tunes or try to convince me with long preaching homilies on authenticity and artistry—spoken and in text. The Pokémon card was a shiny Zapdos she had found floating in the autumn breeze at ten-years-old, its exotic characters made her think of faraway places. It was the envy of the playground, and she even tried photocopying it and selling the fakes to the other kids—they weren’t so easily fooled. The suicide note started, “For Ben,” and ended, “See you, xxx.”

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