Beaten to a Pulp! OUT NOW

That’s it! Beaten to a Pulp! is out now exclusively on Amazon.

You can read it on Kindles, ipads, laptops and phones (though it might be tricky to read on your Nokia 3310).

What’s more, from Monday to Friday this week it’s on free promotion, so if you’re keen but skint get in there now – after Friday it’ll rocket up to over two quid (but less than three).

Any downloads, reviews, ratings, shares, likes, criticisms would be greatly appreciated!

You can download it here:

Beaten to a Pulp! a collection of short stories by Callum McSorleyBeaten to a Pulp!

A manuscript discovered on a broken hard drive reveals a tale of secret societies, drugs and murder in Victorian Glasgow.

In ancient Japan a scarred servant plots to take down a dragon slumlord while in modern Tokyo gangster Hiroshi is stalked by a seemingly invincible samurai.

Smugglers from an independent Scotland cross Hadrian’s Wall – now a military border – to sell contraband single malt whisky down south, and further in the future a blight leaves the world on the brink of apocalypse.

Beaten to a Pulp! is a collection of short stories that travel widely across location, genre and time, all tied together with distinctive pulp style.

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