Beaten Pulpier!

Poor frisco sheep's clothingHello! It’s been a while since my last post, the reason being I’ve been working away on a new novel. I’m resurfacing now that the first draft is finally finished.

More details about that in the future, but in other news I’ll be putting out a sequel to my short story collection, Beaten to a Pulp!, later this year. (Taking suggestions for snappy subtitles, current front runner is ‘The Dark Pulp Rises’.)

I’m particularly excited to have my good friend and artist David Fleck on board to do the cover, sWP_20160704_14_26_08_Proo I don’t have to sit chopping up copies of the BMJ (my wife is a doctor) myself – see the ‘ransom note’ cover for BtaP! on the right.

The featured image, ‘Sheep’s Clothing’, is an example of Fleck’s awesome illustration work.

More on this soon!

(Illustration © David Fleck all rights reserved)

Read Beaten to a Pulp!

Read Dead in Autumn, Buried in Winter

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