Fresh Blood Orange OUT NOW

Today’s the day, folks! Fresh Blood Orange, the sequel to last year’s Beaten to a Pulp! is out now in print and on Kindle.

Another bite-size chunk of genre stories in pulp style.

Also, the marks the first day my book giveaway. To celebrate the launch of FBO, both of my previous books (Beaten to a Pulp! and Dead in Autumn, Buried in Winter) are free on Kindle for the next five days.

Buy here

Beaten to a Pulp 2:

Fresh Blood OrangeBeaten_to_a_Pulp_2_Cover_for_Kindle

Come and meet the Queen of Junkyard Dogs: Clem Astor lives in the desert, the mirage of Vegas on the horizon, where she breeds dogs for fighting. She dreams of the Astor family junkyard where monsters ran, monsters she has brought to life.

Meet Layla, fresh out of cryo stasis at Bar-L detention centre. A child murderer, she has been released back onto the streets of Glasgow after twenty years with a new name and a new face.

Say hello to Gale, a child of Caribbean immigrants and slaves, who does battle for dominance among the Gorbals razor gangs. With her man – the Cut-Throat King – dead, she must decide if it truly is better to reign in hell…

Which brings us to Mateo Báez, condemned to Dante’s Inferno for the Catholic sins of being gay and committing suicide, now escaped to the Purgatory of summer in LA. If he can get justice for newly-murdered Lexie he might just see Paradise.

All this and more! So roll up, get close, and drop the money in the hat!

 Buy Kindle ebook (£2.19)

Buy paperback (£5.00)

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