Fishing for Reviews

Hello all! In a bid to boost my self-published stories (and ego) I’m reaching out to try and get anyone who has read one of my books to leave a rating or short review on Amazon.

It doesn’t have to be a thesis, just a few short words to let others know what you thought. You can even be honest, if you like.

I appreciate everyone who has already supported my writing by reading my stories and buying my books, I’ll definitely be bringing some more stuff your way this year.

If you’re keen, you can find my books here:

(Or maybe you’re a Goodreads person? Good for you! Be proud of who you are! )

Photo: my own craftiwork, if you couldn’t tell.

coverSomething was Stirring

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

So the song goes, but tinsel and presents and Santa Claus mean little to rough sleeper Leah, who finds herself stalked by a spirit of deadly Christmas cheer.

Speaking of which, Santa Claus is all very well for good boys and girls, but what about the bad ones? What about the school bullies who torment thirteen-year-old Pista every day? Who will give them what they deserve? They used to say that Krampus delivered the coal, but he’s not been seen in a long time.

There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago…

As far back as the Great War, as far back as the oldest ale house in New York, whose motto ‘Be Good or Be Gone’ doesn’t just apply to the living.

Get close to the fire and enjoy four seasonal tales of horror in the old tradition of Christmas Eve ghost stories.

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Beaten_to_a_Pulp_2_Cover_for_KindleFresh Blood Orange

Come and meet the Queen of Junkyard Dogs: Clem Astor lives in the desert, the mirage of Vegas on the horizon, where she breeds dogs for fighting. She dreams of the Astor family junkyard where monsters ran, monsters she has brought to life.

Meet Layla, fresh out of cryo stasis at Bar-L detention centre. A child murderer, she has been released back onto the streets of Glasgow after twenty years with a new name and a new face.

Say hello to Gale, a child of Caribbean immigrants and slaves, who does battle for dominance among the Gorbals razor gangs. With her man – the Cut-Throat King – dead, she must decide if it truly is better to reign in hell…

Which brings us to Mateo Báez, condemned to Dante’s Inferno for the Catholic sins of being gay and committing suicide, now escaped to the Purgatory of summer in LA. If he can get justice for newly-murdered Lexie he might just see Paradise.

All this and more! So roll up, get close, and drop the money in the hat!

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bookcover_dia_cropDead in Autumn, Buried in Winter

Old Blue Eyes, Madonna, Chewbacca and Frankenstein’s Monster go trick-or-treating in the upmarket part of town. They find a lavish three-storey house lying empty, the keys left in the lock. They should post them through the letterbox, they should hand them in to a neighbour, they should leave them under the doormat. But they don’t.

It is Hallowe’en after all. The time, if any, to do the wrong thing…

David and Carol Tempest involve their two young children in a spontaneous burglary with consequences farther reaching and more severe than either of them can imagine.

Teenage loner, Cameron, and his infant sister, Alesha, take to the road in their parents’ car, heading anywhere Cameron’s daydreams and nightmares lead them.

Police Constable Warwick fails to keep his breakfast down when he finds a pair of mutilated corpses. Taken under the wing of a zealous senior detective, he has stumbled upon a case where it isn’t only the suspects who have secrets.

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Beaten to a Pulp! a collection of short stories by Callum McSorleyBeaten to a Pulp!

A manuscript discovered on a broken hard drive reveals a tale of secret societies, drugs and murder in Victorian Glasgow.

In ancient Japan a scarred servant plots to take down a dragon slumlord while in modern Tokyo gangster Hiroshi is stalked by a seemingly invincible samurai.

Smugglers from an independent Scotland cross Hadrian’s Wall – now a military border – to sell contraband single malt whisky down south, and further in the future a blight leaves the world on the brink of apocalypse.

Beaten to a Pulp! is a collection of short stories that travel widely across location, genre and time, all tied together with distinctive pulp style.

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