Summer Book Giveaway Day Five

Last call at the bar! This is it, the end as we know it. Or rather, the end of my free book giveaway.

You have tonight and tonight only to get your free downloads of all my self-published stories, after that, you may have to pay a whopping 99p for them, or even as much as £2.19 for my newest collection of short stories.

In the past week of blogging I’ve said my piece about each my four books, so as I’ve run out I thought today I would simply thank everyone who has picked up a copy this week, also everyone who has ever bought, read, shared, reviewed, rated, or otherwise shown interest in my writing. You’re the best people!

Also, a note on the future:

I’ve got at least one story coming out in summer that I’m stoked about but can’t talk about yet (I know, I know, that’s the worst, I hate it when people say that, it’s like, why say it at all, right?) and a few things that I’m waiting on hearing about. When it comes to publishing, you do a lot of waiting.

I’m at the early stages of a project with my good pal, illustrator/designer David Fleck, to turn my short story The Dog Walker (published in Surreal Nightmares II by James Ward Kirk Fiction, for which it received JWK’s editor’s choice award) into a comic, which I’m psyched about and will definitely look amazing and probably horrific.

And with all the waiting around I’ve managed to draft another novel, which is currently in a drawer, awaiting revision, something I should really get around too.

Thanks again for reading! And if you enjoyed it, why not leave a few stars or words on Amazon/Goodreads to let people know what you think?

All the best,


Don’t miss out, download here.

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