Burying the Dragon out 1st August 2020

I’m beyond stoked to finally share some big news I’ve been holding onto for a while: my fantasy noir novel Burying the Dragon is to be published this year by Möbius Books!

What’s more, it has a provisional publication date of 1st August.

The whole thing that’s been going on – you know the thing – means it can’t be set in stone, but if all goes well, then in just a couple of months’ time my new novel will be available to ship in beautiful paperback or to download to your e-reader.

I’m massively excited for this and I have to give huge thanks to Shane Lindemoen at Möbius for his belief in my story.

Burying the Dragon is a fantasy noir tale set in a fictionalised version of feudal Japan, where myths and folklore are real. Lord Feng, the dragon-ruler of Edo is dead – betrayed and murdered by those closest to him. But the death of a tyrant is a complicated thing. With the Shogun, the gangs, and the Chinese all vying to take its place, government fixer Akiyama finds that burying the dragon was just the beginning of the job.

I’ll hopefully have a cover reveal and pre-order date on the way, so stay tuned! (Note: the featured image is not the cover, just a nice pic I took at the park at Castle Fraser, in Aberdeenshire, of an amazing dragon’s head carved out of wood.)

Möbius Books is a new independent small press based in the US, publishing everything from memoir to SFF. You can find out more here.

[Update 30/05/20: Just wanted to add that the dragon head picture I took at Castle Fraser is old, taken well before the pandemic lockdown. I didn’t do a Dominic Cummings!]

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