Indie April

It hath been declared that April shalt be the month to celebrate indie publishers, and in that spirit, here are a few words on some of my favourite Scotland-based indies, all doing incredible, interesting stuff right now. Gutter Magazine – Going it alone after the collapse of its former publisher, Gutter has never been stronger … More Indie April

Daughter of Titan: “Thelma and Louise meets RoboCop…”

“Let me be honest. I have had major superhero fatigue for a few years now,” says Richard Mooney, the Scottish creator and writer of indie superhero comic, Daughter of Titan. He’s not the only one, with several superhero movies a year being flushed out by Marvel and DC along with countless television series on streaming … More Daughter of Titan: “Thelma and Louise meets RoboCop…”

Ramen Recipes and Japanese Fiction

Since I visited Japan three years ago, I’ve been obsessed with ramen – the famous soupy noodle dish found everywhere in the country with many regional variations. Ramen shops are ubiquitous in Japan’s cities – the little restaurants are crowded underground in railway stations and shopping malls. You make your selection from the machine outside … More Ramen Recipes and Japanese Fiction

Review: New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson

New York City, the year 2142. Melting polar ice caps have caused mass floods around the globe, leaving Manhattan swimming in the drink. But Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140 is no post-apocalypse piece, here the city that never sleeps is as vibrant as ever, living under its new moniker, ‘The Super-Venice’. My review of … More Review: New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson