Apocalypse Now with MR Carey and Joe Hill

Last week, as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival On Tour, I had the pleasure of seeing sci-fi/horror heavyweights Joe Hill and MR Carey in discussion about their latest novels and the apocalypse at East Kilbride Arts Centre.

Highlights included a bizarre singalong with Joe Hill and his sons, who formed a makeshift band and performed a couple of barely rehearsed songs – ‘Love Me Tender’ (with rewritten lyrics about zombies) and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ (about werewolves, with the new title, ‘Werewolves of Scotland’)  — and a Stephen King bedtime story about Spider-Man crapping the Spidey suit.

If that sounds interesting to you (ask yourself why that is, it might be important) you can read my full review of the night over at Aether & Ichor.

You can see Hill’s lyrics sheets below.

(Main photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)



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