Read ‘Sherry Sherry’ in Hardboiled

hardboiled cover

The long wait is over and Dead Guns Press have finally returned with their new Hardboiled anthology! Featuring a new short story of mine, Sherry Sherry, alongside some great crime tales from names both familiar and new to followers of the New Mexico-based publisher.

dead guns
Hardboiled: Dames & Sin

A couple of years ago, DGP published my short story Queen of Junkyard Dogs in their Dames & Sin anthology then went on hiatus shortly after. It’s good to see them back in action!

The new Hardboiled is available to buy on Amazon both in digital and paperback. Check it out here.

“There are days when I want to hammer nails into the wall with my head. On these days, Sherry makes me drink peppermint tea, and if that doesn’t work, she makes me drink a beer.”

— Sherry Sherry



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