End of Year

collageIt’s been a busy one! Particularly in recent months I’ve had quite a few short stories published, so I thought I would do an end of year recap.

I’m really grateful to all the publishers and editors who picked up and worked on my stories this year and to anyone who took the time to read them. You’re all the best!

promo_cover_SN_IIThe Dog Walker, Surreal Nightmares II, James Ward Kirk Publishing (11 Feb 2018)

A man wakes up and finds himself lost in a nightmare version of Queen’s Park. JWK Press kindly gave me its Editor’s Choice Award for this one. You can buy a copy of Surreal nightmares II here.


schlock coverCutting Teeth, Schlock! Webzine (16 Sep 2018)

Who is L? Hapless getaway driver Danny finds himself caught up in a world of weirdness and magic (crazed sushi chefs and man-eating snakes too) when a heist goes wrong. Published on the front cover of Schlock!, it is unfortunately no longer available to read online.


grb-cover-issue-1-horizontalThere’s a Joab Oan, Glasgow Review of Books (4 Oct 2018)

Deek can see ghosts. Deek lives in a house haunted by its former occupier, Stan. Deek can’t be fucked doing the housework, or doing his job – helping Stan hunt other ghosts for cash – or doing anything really. He just wants to watch telly in peace. Fat chance. This was one of my favourite pieces to write this year – a horror story in Scots – and can still be read in full, for free, here.


dark city CoverVol4_Iss1Hello! Houeskeeping!, The Dark City Crime and Mystery Magazine, Vol 4 Issue 1 (17 Oct 2018)

College Man’s life of quiet coasting as a housekeeper at a hotel comes to an end when he finds a dead body and a big bag of drugs in one of his rooms. This story was inspired by time spent as a housekeeper myself, which was actually a pretty decent job, although you may not get that impression from the story. Most of the tale is made up but small details are true. You can still read this one here.


typehouse mag coverPamphleteers, Typehouse Literary Magazine, Vol 5 No 3 Issue 15 (18 Oct 2018)

Budapest, 1957. Once-famous writer Jozsef Novak is part of a conspiracy to publish subversive pamphlets. However, his new romance with student Lazlow is threatening his resolve and the secret police are closing in. For fans of spies, romance, and deep-fried langos. You can buy Typehouse here.


hardboiled coverSherry Sherry, Hardboiled, Dead Guns Press (5 Dec 2018)

Sherry is dead and her girlfriend with the shady past and a near inability to keep her shit together is out for revenge. A fun twist on the ‘woman in the fridge’ trope and studded with Neil Diamond references. Just hitting the shelves at the start of the month, you can buy this new issue of Hardboiled here.


mr emerald coverPlant Life, Monstrous Regiment, Issue 2 – Emerald (11 Dec 2018)

Ger begins to plant memories in his back garden with weird and wonderful results. Eye-catching design from one of Edinburgh’s exciting new indie publishers, Monstrous Regiment. Take advantage of their Christmas deals here.

Thank you all again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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