Aether/Ichor Issue 2 out now

aetherichor issue 2

It’s here! The second issue of the revamped Aether/Ichor has hit the online shelf.

Scary isn’t just for Hallowe’en. The theme of the Equinox issue is ‘Spooky in Spring’ and in that vein we have vampires, zombies, and ghosts aplenty.

Ed Ahern brews up a tale of witches and reality TV in ‘The Samhain Show’, while Simon K Brown‘s gory ‘Scrapbook‘ features memories that grow on trees. (I myself had a [much less gruesome] memory-growing story published last year in Monstrous Regiment — looks like me and Simon are starting a new genre in creepy memory gardening. Gardenpunk? Is that already a thing?)

We’re also chuffed to have a story from the awesome Ely Percy, whose debut novel Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz has just been released by Knight Errant Press. ‘Bad Elements‘ is a contemporary vampire story, underpinned by a critique of mental health treatment.

Do yourself a favour and get over there and check it out now. Let Eligoria Seneca lead you into the graveyard in the opening story ‘Light in the Dark‘ and we’ll see if you make it back out again.

As always, it’s been a pleasure helping to read and edit submissions with the A/I team!

Read Aether/Ichor Issue 2: Equinox here


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