Event Horizon 9th May 2019


I’m really excited/slightly nervous to be reading at next month’s Event Horizon in Edinburgh!

Hosted by Edinburgh’s British Fantasy Society Award-winning magazine, Shoreline of Infinity, Event Horizon is a free monthly evening of sci-fi spoken word and music (and there’s a raffle, of course).

9th May will be a fantasy special takeover by fellow Edinburgh zine, Aether & Ichor.

I’ll be sharing the stage with some authors recently published in A/I, including the excellent Ely Percy, whose brilliant vampire short story, Bad Elements, I helped edit for A/I Issue 2.

For my part, I have a couple of things prepared that I’m swithering between, including something brand new (hence the nerves!) involving trolls and trains. Or you may find me reading an excerpt from my short story ‘Naoko’, published by A/I way, way back in September 2016 before I began working with them.

There was no question as to whether Naoko had recognised him. His hair had grown white but his face – shiny with the ageless, hairless plasticity of burn scars – was unchanged from the ten-year-old slum boy who had first met her. His face had healed into a Noh mask, frozen in time, and was unmistakable.
— Naoko

If that sounds like your bag, head along to Frankenstein’s in Edinburgh city centre on Thursday 9th May, kick off at 7.30pm.

Full details here



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