Pre-order Exquisite Aberrations ebook

exquisite aberrations - high resolutionThe ebook of Exquisite Aberrations, the new Gothic anthology from FunDead Publications, is now available for pre-order, due for release on 13th September.

Featuring my novelette, The Lunatic Song, among other incredible, creepy tales, Exquisite Aberrations is a collection of Gothic horror stories with a modern twist, turning tropes on their heads and featuring characters often side-lined or othered by the traditions of the genre.

The blurb sums this up in a much more elegant way and you can read it here (as well as placing your order for the ebook, if you like the sound of it!)

The Lunatic Song follows pianist Charles Hale, recently returned from Europe in disgrace following a scandal he is desperate to bury. His chance for redemption involves a few lessons from musician and mass-murderer, Lawrence Roper, now an inmate of London’s notorious Bethlem Hospital.

The release of Exquisite Aberrations had been a long time coming and I can’t wait for people to be able to get their hands on it next month!

FunDead Publications is an excellent and dedicated indie horror press based in Salem, Massachusetts. My short story The Sixpence in the Pudding appeared in its Christmas horror anthology, O Horrid Night, a few years ago.

“Not much further on we came to the gates of Bedlam, as the Londoners called it, and the carriage juddered to a stop. From its proud chapel dome and grand Corinthian columns holding up the porch it could be mistaken for a museum. Hidden behind a shroud of oaks there appeared to be a fine garden. In fact, the only thing that attested to its true identity was the gate and fence itself, which stood twenty-feet tall and was topped with black iron spikes like poisoned arrowheads. That and the mournful call of the wind, which I realized after a minute of contemplation was not the wind at all.”
— The Lunatic Song

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