Read The Brothers Oe in The Society of Misfit Stories

society of misit stories vol 3 issue 1 coverThe Society of Misfit Stories Vol 1 Issue 3
, featuring my story The Brothers Oe, is out now!

Sumo wrestler Yogi is due to face off against his brother Matsushima in the grand final of the Honbasho in the great dragon city of Edo. That is until Matsushima is found dead in his bathtub, having apparently committed ritual suicide.

Yogi must navigate the city’s seedy underbelly of ruthless gangsters and slimy politicians to find the truth.

It’s a bit fantasy, a bit noir, a bit too long for a conventional short story, and therefore, perfect for The Society of Misfit Stories.

Published by Bards and Sages Publishing, based in USA, The Society of Misfit Stories is “A journal of long-form literary genre fiction published three times a year. Featuring thirteen tales of the speculative, the strange, the peculiar, and the curious that don’t quite fit in with the mainstream.”

As well as The Brothers Oe, this issue features crime, horror, and mystery from S. E. Greco, Kit Campbell, Katherine Khorey, and more.

You can buy The Society of Misfit Stories here, in print or digital.

“The fourth man was in a bathtub, his head slumped forward onto his considerable chest. His wet hair was loose from its topknot and stuck to his face. His eyes were open though downcast and distant, as one peering out into the nothing beyond the ocean on the beaches of Fukuoka. In the grey morning light filtering in through the gaps in the timber walls, the bathwater looked black.”
— The Brothers Oe

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