Read On the Plate in NWS 38: The Last Good Year OUT NOW

The latest issue of New Writing Scotland is out now and features my short story On the Plate!

Published by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies, issue 38 of NWS is titled The Last Good Year after a short story contributed by Krishan Coupland. Very fitting.

Also inside the covers is prose and poetry by some fantastic Scotland-based authors, including Dean Atta, David Ross Linklater, Mina Moriarty (who once published one of my short stories in FTP magazine – which I should clear up by saying stands for ‘Fuck the Patriarchy’ and not, you know…), and poetry editor of Shoreline of Infinity, Russell Jones.

I’m particularly excited about this one as I’ve been trying to land a story in NWS for years and so to me this is something of a milestone. Huge thanks to editors Rachelle Atalla and Samuel Tongue and everybody at ASLS!

It’s also my only published piece this year – to be fair, I’ve not sent out much as I’ve been doing a lot of editing, revising, and drafting on new long stuff, and this was supposed to be the year my novel Burying the Dragon came out but corona… – which is another reason I’m so stoked about it.

So if you’re interested in stories about conspiracy theorists and podcasters, and some of the best new writing coming out of Scotland at the moment (and what a year it’s been for Scottish literature!) check it out here.

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