Read CRADLE in Shoreline of Infinity 33 now

I’m once again over the moon to return to the pages of my favourite Sci fi mag Shoreline of Infinity.

Issue 33 contains excellent work by David Lawrie (his experimental short story ‘You are in a Room’, which fills the margins of the whole issue, is truly original and chilling), Lucy Zhang, Michael Teasdale and the incredible T L Huchu (author of the urban fantasy Edinburgh Nights series – a real honour to appear alongside him here!).

My own contribution, SF short story CRADLE, sees new mum and former drone pilot Char tackle sleeplessness and nightmares of the past, with a gorgeous illustration by artist Stephen Daly to accompany it.

Stephen did the artwork for my last Shoreline contribution (‘Great Nothing’ in Issue 29, Dec 2021) which I absolutely loved – and have framed on my wall – so I was stoked to see his work on Cradle too. It’s a beautiful piece and once again captures the heart of the story in a single image. You can see it below.

Issue 33 is also the last issue to be made with Shoreline founders Noel Chidwick and Mark Toner, who are moving onto new endeavours and passing the torch to the next generation.

Noel and Mark created something incredible with Shoreline of Infinity, not only a SFF magazine to put the Scotland scene on the map, but a community of readers, writers, artists, poets, creative and imaginative people of all kinds. I owe them for their support of my writing going back years and wish them all the best going forward. I’m also so excited to see what’s next for the magazine.

You can buy Issue 33 here.

Artwork: Stephen Daly

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