Shoreline of Infinity 10

Issue 10 of Shoreline of Infinity is now out, featuring some great sci-fi short stories, flash fictions, and a book review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140 by yours truly.

Shoreline of Infinity is an Edinburgh-based sci-fi magazine. You can get the new issue, and back issues, here.

Below is a snippet of what I thought of Robinson’s climate-fiction tale of a drowned New York City.


New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson

New York, New York, it’s a helluva town! So goes the song, and from Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy to Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby, it’s certainly a city that’s inspired writers and artists for generations, and its prominence in media and finance has made it the capital of the world. Even over a hundred years in the future, where melting polar ice caps have caused worldwide floods and left half of Manhattan under water – the premise of Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140 – the great city of New York is still a thriving metropolis, setting the bar for all the so-called ‘intertidal’ cities of the world…

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