The Glasgow Review of Books




When it rains it pours. I’m thrilled to say I’ve had a short story accepted by the awesome Glasgow Review of Books!

Due to be published on 3rd October, ‘There’s a Joab Oan’ is like The Sixth Sense only set in Glasgow, and Haley Joel Osment is replaced by a middle-aged rip-off merchant called Deek who can’t be arsed with all the ghosts in his life, and Bruce Willis by a tradesman who had a wee accident. Oh, and they hate each other. But they live together. And attempt to solve ghostly crimes like Scooby Doo. It’s pretty similar I guess.

(Teaser below.)

As well as book reviews, the GRB also publishes poetry and short stories, which you can check out for free on its website, here.

There’s a Joab Oan

“Get up, there’s a joab oan!”

“Fuck up, let me sleep!”

“Sleep!? Yuv bin sleepin aw fuckin day. An am sposed tae be the deed yin?”

“Aye, that’s right, ye are, so hows aboot ye go back tae the fuckin grave an let me rest in peace, awright?”

“Get up!” Crookit Stan puts his hawn right inside ma guts an it’s so fuckin cauld it feels like bein electrocuted, like am oan fire, an a jump right aff the couch an practically hit the ceilin.

“Ye fuckin tosser! Wit wis that fir?”

“There’s a joab oan. Get fuckin dressed. It’s bin months since wuv hud work.”

“We? Wit’s this ‘we’? Ye dae fuck aw while a risk ma neck.”

“Ye try huvin yer neck snapped in two, then wull talk aboot riskin necks.”

“Fuck up.” A go through the hoose tae the kitchen tae make a coffee, an also tae get away fae that deed, floatin prick. Arsehole.

Read more soon!

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