Read Cutting Teeth in Schlock! Webzine


schlock cover
Schlock! Webzine, Vol. 13 Issue 20, 16 Sep 2018


I am really stoked to have made it into the front cover of Schlock! Webzine!! (Exclamation marks 2 & 3 my own.)

This week only (Sun 16 – Sat 22 Sep) you can read my short story Cutting Teeth for free on the Schlock! website here.

This one’s an out-there urban fantasy piece involving stolen gold, hippy criminals, a man being eaten by a snake that comes up out the toilet, and a pair of new gold teeth that have itchy predictions about the future.

Check it out!

“It’s gold—war-time gold, blood gold, treasure-crocks dug from the trenches of Normandy, the fields of Culloden, the city walls of Syracuse. It’s ancient. It has power.”

Cutting Teeth

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