Typehouse Literary Magazine



Excited to announce a short story of mine has been sold to Typehouse Literary Magazine, and will appear in print in the magazine’s forthcoming September issue.

Set in 1957 in Budapest under Soviet rule, ‘Pamphleteers’ tells the tale of a once-lauded writer who has become part of a conspiracy to attack the ideology of the regime. (Teaser below.)

Love, spies, and deep-fried lángos – sound like your thing? Look out for this month’s issue of Typehouse.

Typehouse Literary Magazine is based in Portland, Oregon, and was founded in 2013.


József was fifty-two when he fell in love. He was a younger man called Lázlów, a former student with a scar on his chin where he’d been hit with the butt of a machine gun during the revolution. József first heard this story second hand at a party.

“Who’s he?” József asked Tannor, whose apartment they were gathered in, nodding to a young man with lank, black hair and high cheekbones who wore a long overcoat though the room was full of people, the windows steamed up.

“Lázlów Something. He tagged along with Barna and Hajós – they went to school together, or something like that.”

“What’s his story?” József traced the shape of the young man’s scar on his own chin with a finger.

“Apparently it’s a keepsake from the first demonstration outside the parliament building.”

“He was there?”

“So they say. A lot of people were there.”

“We weren’t.”

“We’re too old for marching.”

Read more soon!


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