Schlock! Webzine



I’m really excited to have a short story included in the next issue of Schlock! Webzine.

Cutting Gold Teeth – an urban fantasy tale about a bank heist that goes wrong, kicking off a surreal trip through some unsavoury parts of San Francisco –  will be published on 16th September and available to read for free on the Schlock! website.

As well as a great collection of pulp sci-fi and fantasy stories, Schlock! offers book reviews, comic strips, and artwork.

Check it out here, and read a teaser of Cutting Gold Teeth below.

Cutting Gold Teeth

Danny spent his share of the score on new teeth – he’d come in too fast and ran into the back of the switch car, losing his front teeth, dignity, and professional pride on the steering wheel. Lucky for him the switch car was still running and they got away clean, though there wasn’t much space in the trunk for the money anymore and they had to pile the bags on Alonso in the backseat.

The dental work was expensive. They replaced his two front teeth and capped another five – nothing flashy, no gold or silver. Danny didn’t look like a criminal (once his burst lips healed anyway) and didn’t want to. He looked like a stock-broker who enjoyed going to the gym in his spare time. There was no hint of prison about him, mostly because he was yet to go.

He thought about the crash, told himself he was a lucky boy again, and smiled with his new teeth. They looked a little square and too white but the dentist said they would wear into a more natural shape and colour as he used them. He tried to whistle as he walked down the street but found he couldn’t.

The novocaine hadn’t worn off when his new teeth were on the floor again – so at least the punch didn’t hurt much…

Read the rest soon!

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