Read ‘There’s a Joab Oan’ in the Glasgow Review of Books


glasrevbooks story pic

You can now read my short story ‘There’s a Joab Oan‘ over on the Glasgow Review of Books website!

Deek can see ghosts. Deek lives in a house haunted by its former occupier, Stan. Deek can’t be fucked doing the housework, or doing his job – helping Stan hunt other ghosts for cash – or doing anything really. He just wants to watch telly in peace. Fat chance.

“Christ, forgive me fir thinkin a fuckin ghost might huv a bit ae insight intae the eftirlife. Patrick fuckin Swayze oer here.”

It’s an honour to be published by the good people of the GRB, and I’m very grateful to its fiction editor, Eilidh McCabe. It’s tricky to find a home for a story that is both “genre” and written entirely in Scots.

You can read the story in full, for free, here.

(Photo: courtesy of the GRB.)


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