Read Hello! Housekeeping! in The Dark City Mystery Magazine


dark city CoverVol4_Iss1
The Dark City Crime & Mystery Magazine, Volume 4 Issue 1, October 2018

You can now read my new short story Hello! Housekeeping! in The Dark City Crime & Mystery Magazine!

College Man is a college drop out, cleaning rooms in a city hotel for spare change. It’s not too bad a job – he gets to work alone and management are all right. His coasting comes to an end when he opens up a room one day to find a dead body and a bag of drugs. A big bag of drugs… (Read more.)

As I scrubbed the toilet I thought about what Liz the manager always said: “If you don’t provide a guest with a clean toilet, you are inviting them to shit on the floor.”

— Hello! Housekeeping!

Hello! Housekeeping! is published in Volume 4 Issue 1 of The Dark City – a concept magazine where every story included occurs within the seedy underbelly of the same anonymous city of the title.

This story was inspired by time spent as a housekeeper myself, which was actually a pretty decent job, although you may not get that impression from the story. Most of the tale is made up but small details are true.

You can buy the magazine in digital form for your Kindle or from Magzter, or you can read my story for free here.


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