And the winner is…


Last week I launched a competition to give away four paperback copies of the latest Hardboiled anthology by Dead Guns Press, which happens to open with my short story Sherry Sherry.

And… We have our winners! Congratulations to Richard, Ross, Fran, and Jamie, your copies of Hardboiled will be winging their way to you next week.

If you’re still keen to read it but were unlucky this time, you can get your hands on a copy by ordering here, it’ll cost you cash-money is all (though it is an absolute steal if you’re buying on Kindle). But not only will you get your hands on a great crime anthology, you’ll be supporting a fantastic indie publisher and the authors they publish. #IndieApril is over but the work goes on.

“The safe was in the built-in wardrobe, bolted into the wall. The code was mom’s birthday. The gun was wrapped in a cloth, its magazine empty. Opening a box of bullets feels like opening a fresh carton of cigarettes. Packed close in together, side by side, they’re waiting to be lit.”

— Sherry Sherry


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