Aether/Ichor Issue 3: Solstice out now

ai issue_3_coverIssue 3 of Aether/Ichor is available to read now!

The Solstice edition is crammed with awesome Sword & Sorcery tales, action packed and brimming with magic.

Daemoralis by Laura Gregory considers the impact fighting evil has on the family unit, with horrifying violence juxtaposed with tender scenes of family life. Oh, and there are terrifying, invisible monsters, did I mention that?

Fool’s Wine by Anna K Scott is a tale of assassins and intrigue, while The Pool of Rim by Aaron Emmel examines the sacrifices people would be willing to make to obtain magic, alongside the sacrifices people make just to get by.

It occurred to me while proofreading these stories that not only do they fit the theme of Sword & Sorcery, they all feature darkness – characters stumbling up staircases, lost in the shadows of a vast library, blindness, monsters that can’t be seen.

Go and check it out, you can read all these stories and more for free here.

Aether/Ichor is fantasy webzine based in Edinburgh. My sort story Naoko was published there in 2016 and I have had the pleasure of reading and editing for A/I since 2017. In December 2018, the webzine started over with a new quarterly magazine format, hence why we’re only on Issue 3. Plenty more good stuff to come!

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