DTNT Anthology 001

dtnt logo

At the beginning of the year I read some stories and picked some tunes on Subcity Radio show, Daytime Nightime, hosted by Roslyn Potter.

Now, DTNT is due to publish its very first anthology, featuring stories, poetry and artwork from the show’s guests, including me!

Alongside work from some of Glasgow’s best – including the excellent Samuel Tongue, Michael Rennie, and Jill Lorean (of the awesome bands Sparrow and the Workshop and Bdy Prts) – you can read my short story Raumschach.

Rum Shack? No, Raumschach – three-dimensional chess, or better yet, ‘Space Chess’.

Expect alien signals, magnetic tape, and algebra.

More info soon!

“This one was secret, no Glasnost here. They didn’t even hint about it to Washington, which was a surprise. You’d have thought the dick measuring contest had finished when Apollo landed on the moon, but no.”

– Raumschach

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