Read Raumschach in DTNT Anthology 001

dtnt anth 001 coverJust in time for Christmas, the first Daytime Nightime anthology is here!

Along with poetry from the renowned Samuel Tongue and Jill O’Sullivan from excellent Glasgow bands Sparrow and the Workshop and Bdy Prts, and fiction from author Michael Rennie, it features my short story Raumschach.

Raumschach is 3D chess, also sometimes known as ‘space chess’, and I’ve taken that very literally here, as the story finds us floating in a capsule in space, orbiting the Earth and playing endless games of Raumschach with some unknown entity.

What is really, especially, amazingly cool for me is that the cover of the anthology – created by Debbie Young of Glasgow creative DIY hub Studio Mama – was inspired by the story. Have a look above, you can see the floating panels of the chess board hazed in psychedelic glory. Awesome! Did I already say it was awesome?

DTNT is a radio show on Glasgow Uni’s Subcity radio hosted by Roslyn Potter, who has curated the anthology, featuring the work of guests on her show. Way back in January I went on air to pick some tunes and read some stories – you can still listen to the episode (#018 STORIES) here.

Look up DTNT on Facebook and Instagram if you’d like a copy. (Comes with free sticker. Nice.)

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