Read FILL TO THE LINE in the Instant Noodle Literary Review

My new short story FILL TO THE LINE: INSIDE SCOTLAND’S INSTANT NOODLE MUSEUM is now free to read in The Instant Noodle Literary Review Issue One!

This was a really fun story to write. As soon as I saw a call for story submissions on the subject of instant noodles I knew I had to go for it.

What I ended up with is a post apocalyptical tale in the form of a lifestyle article, partly inspired by an essay I read in Shoreline of Infinity last year about a sci-fi museum in a man’s basement by Alex Storer.

You can read it here.

The collection also includes poetry by Emma Lee, Lauren Galligan, and Tim Tim Cheng among others, as well as a really moving short story by Elizabeth Ü. It’s a short issue but with great depth and massively different approaches to the subject. Quick and packed full of flavour, just like instant noodles! Also, the cover by Hakuna Natasha, inspired by Anna Cheung’s poem RAMEN® 100,000mg, is amazing.

The Instant Noodle Literary Review is edited by Sean Wai Keung, a food and community writer and performer who had an absolutely incredible piece in Extra Teeth Issue Five – you should check it out if you enjoy the noodle anthology.

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