Read FOREVER IN SCOTLAND in Night, Rain, And Neon

A year ago I was emailed by renowned sci-fi author Michael Cobley to ask if I would contribute a story to an anthology he was curating. It was to be a celebration of all things cyberpunk, released on the 38th anniversary of the publication of Neuromancer, one of my all time favourite novels.

Of course, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

I channelled my favourite cyberpunk tropes – body mods, noir, shady dealers, high tech in the lowest strata of society – and added my own stamp. I wanted to set my story in a future, independent Scotland, one where much of the technology of the future – particularly the kind of augmentations and computer/mind messing about that may allow someone immortality (classic cyberpunk stuff) – has been banned.

The story is called FOREVER IN SCOTLAND.

The star-studded anthology (seriously, it’s an honour and absolutely crazy to be on this list!), with stories from the likes of Jeremy Szal, Justina Robson, Ian McDonald, Gary Gibson, Joseph Elliott-Coleman, and Louise Carey among others, is summed up by its title: Night, Rain, And Neon. (Published by NewCon Press.)

You can get it here.

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