Listen to ‘Ye Tak the Ghost Road’ on Ghostlore Part Two: Hauntings NOW

Today’s the day!

Part Two of Ghostlore on the Alternative Stories Podcast is now available to listen to here. (And on many other streaming platforms too, including Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and all the big ones, whichever your preferred platform is.)

The second half of Ghostlore, edited by the excellent author Lyndsey Croal, features stories involving hauntings inspired by folklore and fairytales.

My own piece – read brilliantly by Lindz McLeod who captures the spooky, stressy atmosphere – ‘Ye Tak the Ghost Road’ is inspired by the many ghostly visions witnessed on the A75, supposedly the most haunted road in the country.

Alongside my own story there are fantastic and creepy tales from a top-tier assortment of writers including Ai Jiang, Ellen Forkin, Signe Meane, and Lyndsey herself.

Click here to listen and see the full line up, and here to catch up with Ghostlore Part One: Wilderness.

‘Ye Tak the Ghost Road’ begins at 35.40 but I do recommend giving the episode the start-to-finish treatment. Happy listening!

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