Read THE LAST GOOD THING in New Writing Scotland 40

Thrilled to be back in the pages of the esteemed New Writing Scotland!

Out today, New Writing Scotland 40: nobody remembers the birdman, contains some of the best, freshest contemporary writing coming out of Scotland right now.

It includes my short story THE LAST GOOD THING which features a genie who lives in a can of Irn Bru. (I did say best and freshest, didn’t I?!)

Among the other names it’s really cool to be in an anthology with my former lecturer, now head of creative writing at the University of Strathclyde, the excellent author and Alasdair Grey expert Rodge Glass.

It’s also great to be back in another anthology with Ellen Forkin. We both had stories in the audio anthology Ghostlore earlier this year – hello again! (Neat aside: Editor of the Ghostlore series, Lyndsey Croal, has just been nominated for a British Fantasy Award, which is amazing! Go Lyndsey!)

New Writing Scotland is published yearly by the Association for Scottish Literature (ASL) and in 2020, NWS 38: The Last Good Year included my short story ON THE PLATE, one of my own personal favourites (if you’re allowed to have them!) which can still be found here.

And you can order the new one, NWS 40: nobody remembers the birdman here.

I am honoured to be part of such a great tradition in Scottish literature and I want to say a huge thanks to editors Rachelle Atalla and Marjorie Lotfi!

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