SQUEAKY CLEAN out 2nd March 2023

I’ve been sitting on this for ages and now I can finally, finally, say it! The moment I’ve been working towards forever:

My debut novel SQUEAKY CLEAN will be published by Pushkin Vertigo next March.

SQUEAKY CLEAN is a crime thriller with a dark sense of humour set at a car wash in the east end of Glasgow which gets taken over by a psychopathic gangster.

(See cover and synopsis below.)

The announcement was made in the Bookseller yesterday, and it was crazy to see my big face smiling next to Angela Merkel, whose book deal was also announced yesterday. We’ve got so much in common! You can read the full article here.

It’s been a dream to work with such a prestigious publisher as Pushkin Press (Independent Publisher of the Year, no less!) and editor Daniel Seton, who provided such kind words in the press release. I also owe my agent Emily MacDonald a huge thanks for all her work in getting me to this point!

I’m really proud of this book and I cannot wait for people to read it.

SQUEAKY CLEAN can be preordered from Pushkin’s website, or from Waterstones, or your preferred book shop.

Squeaky Clean (Out 2nd March 2023)

Half the Glasgow polis think DI Alison McCoist is bent. The other half just think she’s a fuck-up.

No one thinks very much at all about carwash employee Davey Burnet, until one day he takes the wrong customer’s motor for a ride.

One kidnapping later, he and the carwash are officially part of Glasgow’s criminal underworld, working for a psychopath who enjoys playing games like ‘Keep Yer Kneecaps’ with any poor bastard who crosses him.

Can Davey escape from the gang’s clutches with his kneecaps and life intact? Perhaps this polis Ally McCoist who keeps nosing around the carwash could help. That’s if she doesn’t get herself killed first.


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