Read YE TAK THE GHOST ROAD in ‘Five Without Honour: Justified Sinners’

Despite the title of the collection describing its contributing authors as ‘Five Without Honour’ I am, actually, very honoured to have a story in this new short anthology from Anxiety Press.

Five Without Honour: Justified Sinners is a sampler of Scottish writing put together by the incredibly talented Chris Kelso, author of The Dregs Trilogy, a wild, horrible mind-bending and genre-mashing work of literature. When he asked if I would contribute a piece I jumped at it the offer.

My part in it is a flash fiction story called YE TAK THE GHOST ROAD, inspired by the A75, supposedly the most haunted road in Scotland, and baby related sleep deprivation (personal experience).

The other Four, my fellow dishonourable sinners are Christopher Young, Grahame Rae, R. G. Robertson, and Andrew Coulthard. A wealth of talent, I can’t wait to read the full sampler.

An introduction is provided by Kirkland Ciccone, himself one of the best contemporary Scottish authors out there – his recent novels Happiness Is Wasted On Me and Sadie, Call the Polis are two of my favourites of the past few years.

Check out the collection here.

“These stories will burn themselves into your brain. I hope you enjoy the feeling.”

–Kirkland Ciccone

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