The blog tour for SQUEAKY CLEAN kicks off today, Monday 27th February with podcast Dark Matter Zine, and will be running through to Friday 17th March.

The links to each stop are below, which I will continue to update it as we go along.

I’m really looking forward to this, and hearing what everyone has to say about the book. Huge thanks to the reviewers, bloggers, and podcasters taking part!

Stop One: Interview with Dark Matter Zine. I spoke to editor to Nalini about Scots language in genre fiction and Macbeth. Can be listened to on any of your favourite podcast platforms or just click the link to Dark Matter Zine’s website.

Stop Two: Review from Bookphace (@Chedgee). “…be prepared for some buttock clenching bloodshed…” Follow the link to read the full review.

Stop Three: Review from I Read With Ghosts (@italktogh0sts). “McSorley has put just the right amount of comedy into his novel but Squeaky Clean is anything like the title suggests, it’s violent and action packed but full of wit and dark humour.”

Stop Four: Review from Rhi Eleri (@rhirhireader). “…this book is written so very well, it’s not an easy task making a crime thriller funny!”

Stop Five: Review from Amanda Llwyd at The Butler Did It (@amandallwyd). “I had such a strange and immersive experience reading this book. Almost all of the dialogue was written phonetically in strong Glaswegian dialect which meant that I read it in that accent in my head the whole way through. This transported me right into the action, it was as if I was actually there in that carwash as all of the drama unfolded.”

Stop Six: Review from Aiden at Paper Thoughts (‘pap3rcut__). “…it’s been quite some time since a book has been genuinely entertaining and fun to read, I already can’t wait for more.”

Stop Seven: Review from Alex (@alexjbooks). “…a fast paced, energetic, violent, rampant romp of a crime tale that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Stop Eight: Review from Stacy at Whispering Stories (@whisperingstoriesblog). “Squeaky Clean is everything you would expect in a crime thriller. It is fast-paced, shocking, brutal, and puts you on edge at times. It is quite slap-stick and amusing too. I was surprised at how well the humour and violence worked together.”

Stop Nine: Review from @Weirb4. “Does the world need more Weegie Noir? Yes. DI Alison McCoist is believable, Davey the car-wash attendant all-too believable; cracking pace, authentic dialogue.”

Stop Ten: Review from Annabel Gaskell at AnnaBookBel (@gaskella). “I can’t wait to read more about DI Alison McCoist. I don’t think I’ve read such a good crime debut since Joseph Knox’s Sirens.”

Stop Eleven: Review from Sam Tyler at SF Book Reviews (@sfbook). “One of the most intense book’s I have read in a long time. Enjoy is a strange word to use when a book is giving you mild panic, but it’s certainly a novel that you will pick up and want to read a s quickly as possible to see the fate of some brilliantly realised characters.”

Stop Twelve: Review from Casey’s Pages (@fly276). “The rough edges of Glasgow are reflected in some bold & sketchy characters who carry us through this engaging thriller at a great pace with McSorley’s gritty delivery.”

Stop Thirteen: Review from Laura at Jera’s Jamboree (@shazgoodwin). “…an interesting new detective series full of action and hard-hitting…”

Stop Fourteen: 5* Review from Miriam Smith (@miriamlsmith3). “Taut writing, impressive plot (and twist), interesting characters and a bold and colourful setting of Glasgow makes this debut a fantastic read.

Stop Fifteen: Review from What Rebecca’s Read (@rebeccasread). “The tone of the story is dark and quite frightening at times, but I loved that there were also comedic elements in this story, which I find quite rare in this genre, with stories often being super serious.”

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