SQUEAKY CLEAN on the shelves, on the radio and in the press

It’s been a brilliant week!

SQUEAKY CLEAN was officially published last Thursday on World Book Day, although it’s been sneaking its way into shops since the weekend before.

The launch took place at Mount Florida Books in the Southside of Glasgow where I did a couple of readings and answered some very well thought-out questions from the excellent author and journalist Elle Nash (Animals Eat Each Other, Nudes [404Ink]). Wine and crisps were had and my mum made a Squeaky Clean book cake (check out the pic below, it’s amazing!) which was sliced after the interview. Top way to end! And there are currently some signed copies waiting in Mount Florida Books.

Earlier in the day, I went on BBC Radio Scotland’s Afternoon Show and together with Em Strang (whose debut novel QUINN was out on the same day and sounds amazing), spoke about Squeaky Clean, real-life inspiration, and Ally McCoist. It can still be listened to here for a limited time.

The novel has also been gathering some great reviews, including being selected as Crime Book of the Month by The Times. An excerpt was published in The Scotsman and a review in the Herald, as well as features in the Glasgow Times and EK News.

The blog tour is tearing along with some fantastic reviews and pictures – I’ve been collecting the links to all of these on my blog tour post, here.

I’ve been getting sent snaps of the book in shops from all over the country as well as popping into to see it for myself, a surreal experience – this has been a dream for a very long time! Waterstones on Argyle Street in Glasgow City Centre have it up on display, which is really amazing, and I plan to get out and about and sign a few copies. (I was supposed to be signing in my local ‘Stones in East Kilbride but they have, at the time of writing, sold out with more on the way, so I’ll get round to it soon!)

It’s been wonderful and I want to say thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate, and for all the kind words said about Squeaky Clean.

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